PIRCH: The New Fixtures Living

PIRCH: The New Fixtures Living

It has been said that “The only constant is change.”

With that thought in mind, I’d like to announce an important change here at Fixtures Living.

Namely, our name.

On August 29th of this year, our company will officially change its name to PIRCH.

Before I explain the meaning of PIRCH and provide some important context, let me first point out that this was a deliberate, highly considered decision, which took months of discussion and planning.

As for our reasoning, it was twofold:

  1. Over time, we have discovered that “Fixtures Living” has led some of our customers to believe that we carry lighting fixtures. Others assumed that plumbing fixtures were our stock in trade, and that we did not carry appliances. Still others were not sure what to make of the name.
  2. As our company evolved and expanded, we arrived at the belief that our name should not reflect “what we do”, but “why we do it” — our reason for being. Which, for the record, is to heighten the joy you feel each day in your home — by feathering your nest with the things that make life’s moments worth sharing.

And so our new name was born: PIRCH. As in perch, or roost, or nest. But why is it spelled with an “i”?

Well, as anyone who knows us can attest, we are anything but conformists. So the last thing we would do is spell our name in a traditional manner. Using an “I” instead of an “E” makes our name not only more unique, but more memorable as well.

While we will always evolve to better serve our business partners and customers, nothing else about our company is currently slated for change. Both our management team and our way of doing business —honestly, transparently, fairly and respectfully — will remain steadfastly intact.

All the best,

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  1. Exquisitely simple.

    Great trademarks are short, have no other generic meaning and are easy to pronounce and spell. Examples: Kodak, Intel, Bic and Pirch.

    • Dr. Malcolm Clarrissimeaux
    • 07.13.2013

    Appears to be a reasoned and sound business decision. Good luck and much success going forward.

    • Steve Doyle
    • 07.13.2013

    Ahead of the curve, again! Jeffery, I always appreciate sharing time and conversing about the world, as seen through your eyes. Just when I thought your focus was multiple grand openings and expansion, you slip us the curve. What a beautiful pitch! Congrats and keep us looking for more!

    • kelly
    • 07.15.2013

    Well done PIRCH! Looking forward to nesting soon

    • Rodney Mierop
    • 07.15.2013

    Well done Jeffery, I love the name PIRCH. Everyone’s home should be their nest and where one roosts!

  2. Jeffery,

    Fantastic, as always. Hope you and yours are doing well!


    • Kent Aden
    • 07.16.2013

    Solid work Jeffrey, you rock.

  3. Jeffery, you and your team are on the leading edge again. Your evolving innovations and great personal touches keep you and your company in the fore front. So happy that you have reached out and shared your thoughts and visions. We are excited for you and this past Sunday, my wife and I drove by your new UTC location. I have just one concern; will you be too busy to handle all the new business ?

    • Bruce Voss
    • 07.16.2013

    Always you are the most clever and always ahead of the curve! Great name and process for creating it. Not surprised. Be in the store very soon. Best of luck, Bruce

    • Jennifer Macaulay
    • 07.17.2013

    I am impressed with the new name and can’t wait for your opening in UTC, San Diego! Also impressed with the fact you can knit a sweater while watching one of my most favorite movies!!

  4. […] of fronts. They continue to evolve and today formally announced their new name, PIRCH. This press release explains what went on behind the scenes and how their executive team came up with the new […]

    • Pamela Sailor
    • 08.26.2013

    Hi PIRCH-ily (you’re like family!),
    I love your concept (as FL or P) and I have continually recommended your store because you are top notch, have the best staff and you spread JOY! Congrats on the new change and I can’t wait to head back in.

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